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Throwing computers at schools is not going to make them better
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Powering Education Since 2004

With Edugrid, we empower forward thinking institutions to re-imagine education, ensuring their students can dream bigger, reach their highest potential and fulfil their aspirations through life-changing educational experiences.


A Smart school management system that’s customizable to meet unique requirements
• Record & manage student data, staff data and other school
information securely
• Generate customized reports with ease
• Build custom dashboards to suit priority levels
• Cloud management and expandable storage on demand
• Feature to upload and extract bulk data with ease
Bring your institution into the future with our Contextual content management system
• Content delivery to students can be planned at a subject – chapter level at the beginning of the academic year, reducing admin work

• Accommodates a wide range of requirements from different Education Boards

An Agile Assessment management system with a variety of options to minimize admin work and focus on student performance
• Design assessments to suit any learner level

• Enables teachers to create & conduct both online and offline assessments

• Co-scholastic performance tracking – performance analysis tracking that goes beyond the classroom

The Edugrid is a robust platform with the ability to accommodate a whole host of unique requirements
• Supports multiple devices and platforms

• Smooth integration with existing systems used by the school

• Bring all stakeholders together seamlessly


The EduGrid endeavors to provide a contextual and personalized learning environment for the student
• Student Profiling and intelligent tutoring

• Personalization based on usage measurement and analysis

• Contextual delivery of content making the process of learning thought-provoking & simpler

With our student App discover the joy of learning anytime and anywhere
• Fosters collaboration and peer interaction skills through a discussion forum feature

• Access to comprehensive content repositories at one click, enabling anytime learning

• Custom analytics on student performance and intuitive content delivery based on results


Aimed at reducing the burden of admin work on teachers
• Attendance entry made simple and fast

• Design comprehensive lesson plans right down to unit level at the beginning of the academic year

• Design and deploy assessments to suit any learner level

• Enhances student-centered teaching through intuitive tracking of student performance in assessments

Harness the power of Edugrid to bring transformational learning experiences to your classroom
• Engaged and effective learning through interactive teaching

• Option for teachers to create & deliver their own content

• Tutor concepts using interactive modes like Videos and presentations with a click of a button

If you are a teacher and would like to learn how you could deliver a great digital learning experience to your students ?
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Get front row seats to your child’s progress at school with our parent app
• Collaborative community for parents, students and
institute faculty
•  Simple, secure & convenient access
• Custom Analytics on your child’s performance.
• Interactive dashboard to view the status of fee payment,
leave application and student reports.
• Allows fee payment, leave application and student’s report
• Stay clued in on all events at school


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