If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn!

“Children do not wait for our permission to think. Indeed, children are bursting with ideas that are always impatient to escape through language to connect and communicate with the things of the world.”

Let’s flash back to the teaching of yesteryear.Because if we go back to how we were taught, then surely the teachers who taught us wish they could return to how they were taught. Since we’re already time traveling, let’s just head back to the teachers who taught the teachers of our teachers.
How do the children learn? Or the students in the class? What languages do they use to express themselves and their understandings? Do they like to represent their ideas through building and drawing? Or are they logical and deliberate; making lists, following steps, practicing their handwriting and creating plans?

theedugrid.com  need to take time to really observe the children; learn about how they learn, and engage in a continual dialogue of reflection so we can teach,so they can learn.If that means changing the entire style of teaching, then so be it! It’s their learning after all. Remember, the objective is to teach. Don’t qualify that statement. It’s not to teach easily. It’s not to teach as we were taught. It’s to teach in ways that shine the light of comprehension down onto a student’s desk.Change is hard. But the ability to change is like a muscle and muscles need to be worked out or they become less elastic.
Why don’t we change the way of teaching the children? Sounds interesting right! Children these days are keen on electronic gadgets. If you were to drop in on most high school these days, what would you see? Cell phones and tablets. Lots of them. Virtually all students have one, and it’s typical to see them tapping away or listening to music through their ear buds not just in the hallways during the five minutes between classes, but also in the classroom, at every opportunity the teacher gives them. Most schools allow students to have cell phones for safety.
theedugrid.com have a product called EduGrid and it is a bridge to educational equity,an innovative approach! EduGrid is benefited to parents, institutes, governments as well as students.It is highly effective for the institutions this time! Teachers play an important role in designing every child’s life.EduGrid is said to be the teaching assistant for every faculty.
Some of the benefits for thestaffsare :
  • Assessment analytics where Real time data access for all assessment material for individual students
  • Remote Content Management- On the go access to content uploading and management
  • Course planning where it automatically schedule students calendars with planned course by the teacher
Major advantages for institutes are :
  • Collaborative community for parents, students and Institute faculty,
  • Efficient assessments and content delivery up to chapter level in sync with the classroom,Customized content management and supervision
  • Digital Library- Access to learning material from all over the grid
  • Automated Administration which keep track of students usage, involvement, attendance and faculty’s course planning involvement and supportive material suggestions
Some important benefitsfor studentsare :
  • School timetable based structure to enable students to better plan their studies
  • Single point access to all content-no projectors or additional devices required
  • Exposure to learning focused technology even in rural areas due to offline capablities
  • Complete analytics and automated content development for weaker subjects
  • All formats of regular contents displayed in one page-videos,documents,ppts and more
In order to create an intriguing learning experience, the role of instructor is optional, but the role of technology is essential! So,think out of the box and create an engaging learning experience for your students.Choose EduGrid, A stake for the future!