The Innovative Educator

Knowledge is power and power can be taught.Today’s digital natives hunger for new educational approaches. Educators are more willing than ever to teach with technology, if it’s powerful and easy to use.Teachers teaching with the aid of tech integration in the classroom gain many benefits including greater student interest and improved reading and literacy skills.
Since students already have smartphones in hand, why not build classroom activities around them?Today’s students have a variety of mobile technologies at their fingertips like smartphones, tablets, e-readers!
If you have ever felt that school was boring or irrelevant, the Innovative Educator, EduGrid theedugrid.comunderstands how you feel. EduGrid, easily the largest hub for education content out there and it is going to be anew learning experience for students, and educators. It provides teachers with lesson plans to better integrate technology in the classroom.With EduGrid, the classroom wont be limited by four walls anymore!
The current scenario in education sector is that the content manipulation is a cumbersome process and lack of-assessment efficiency, efficient integration of learning software with devices, security and control over devices. Our Solution Education Grid (EduGrid) theedugrid.comprovides Integrated content and learning management, Efficient course planning for and by students, Mobile content management for teachers and administrators, Content delivered in various formats along with complete analytics on assessments and Student profiling and computer aided tutoring!
EduGrid, a bridge to educational equity! Coming down to the major advantages of Institutions, It acts as a Digital Library, it keeps track of students usage, involvement, attendance and faculty’s course planning involvement and supportive material sugestions, it also serves Interactive and collabrative Community.
MDM is a simple concept. It gives IT managers the ability to monitor, manage and secure any mobile devices that are on their company or school network, like smartphones and tablets. Mobile Device Management systems can be used with different service providers, as well as with different operating systems.There are a wide range of uses for MDM systems from rolling out updates, monitoring compliance with company or school policies and remotely locking devices, to blocking access to certain online content. The innovative Educator EduGrid is integrated with MDM so parents can monitor and tracks the activities performed by their kids.
When schools are able to effectively manage mobile devices it results in approaches allowing education facilities to foster creative teaching methods that enhances learning. Our solution can help schools with increased availability to information, ensure your school is secure, make technological resources available to all students, provide a blended learning approach to education reduces educational costs, integrate technology in the classroom, make education convenient and easily accessibleto studentsand Mobile device management education solutions improves administrative operations.
Instead of attempting to confiscate mobiles and tablets in the school, educators and students can work collaboratively to enhance learning through the use of technology. Innovative approaches provided through the use of mobile device management education solutions is one approach many education facilities are adopting.Educators are able to incorporate these methods through the use of teaching aids, monitoring student progress and curriculum development. The implementation of mobile device management education strategies will influence processes, increase productivity, enhance learning, and encourage success.
Every child is different. Imagine how hard it can be for a teacher to perform multiple ways to cater every student in the class? Pick EduGrid, a gateway to smart education and be prepared to learn what tech integration really means in the classroom.