EDUGRID – A new way of Digital Learning

Computerized learning is any instructional practice that adequately utilizes innovation to fortify an understudy’s learning background. It accentuates excellent direction and gives access to content, feedback through formative assessment, open doors for learning anytime and anywhere, and individualized guideline to guarantee all understudies achieve their maximum capacity to prevail in school and a profession.
Advanced learning is supplanting conventional instructive techniques more every day. With how quickly classrooms are transforming, it is best to overlook strategies you may recall from when you were in school and begin pondering more up to date instructing and learning procedures in view of advanced learning techniquesandinnovations.
The consideration of computerized learning in the classrooms can shift from just utilizing tablets rather than paper to utilizing elaborate programming projects and gear instead of the basic pen. This could involve utilizing locales, administrations, programs, showing apparatuses, and innovations like examination helps built for at-home utilize.
Independent of how much innovation is incorporated into the classroom; computerized learning has come to assume a significant part in instruction. It enables understudies by persuading them to be more intrigued by learning and extending their points of view.
EDUGRID – Intelligent Learning Management System
EduGrid is an intelligent application designed with one goal in focus that is to bring an educational equity to all with the power of expansively interconnected systems fiercely coded on intelligent distribution of data.
  • Integrated course planning by teachers.
  • Institute device monitoring and management.
  • Offline availability of the contents.
  • Complete sync between classroom teaching and digital resources.
  • A real time data access for all assessment materials for all the students.
  • Keep track of student’s usage, involvement, attendance and progress.
Here is the means by which EDUGRID (Digital Learning) is a stage up from conventional instruction strategies:
  • EduGrid makes Students Smarter.
  • EduGrid is making Students Self-Motivated and more Accountable.
  • EduGrid’s tools include Educators and Parents to a Deeper Extent.
  • EduGrid’s tools and technology is quickly expanding Information Sharing.
  • Increasing Students’ Employability with EduGrid’s tools and technology.
  • Traditional Education Methods must be supplanted.
EduGrid is a comprehensive environment for all the stake holders in the educational system spanning from students, teaching faculty to parents and content creators.”